Rhythm is an essence of music. The following sentence may describe what rhythm is:

“Rhythm is the dancer in the river of time”

Ironically, this sentence has a rhythm, which can be transcribed using the following notation:


It’s not important what all these different symbols mean, what is more important is the particular essence of music we are discussing: rhythm.

You are familiar with rhythm in your day to day life. Rhythm is simply the feel or groove of some repetitive sound. Like for example, the signal light ticker in a car has a steady rhythm… each *click* is equally spaced apart. Another example of rhythm is the clanging of a pot boiling on a stove. The pot cover bounces around as the steam escapes, with no apparent pattern to the clanging and a very erratic rhythm. However, there is a rhythm because the same sound is being repeated, once or numerous instances, each some time after the previous instance.