Creating Your Own Personal Songbook For Your Tablet or Ipad

Software needed:

Dropbox, Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat Reader


Setup DropBox

  1. Create a Dropbox account
  2. Sync Dropbox account to the computer that you do your editing on
  3. Download Dropbox app and install on tablet / Ipad
  4. Sign in to the same account on both devices

Setup Google Docs

  1. Create a Gmail account
  2. Sign in to account
  3. Go to your email
  4. Your google docs will be on accessible from your email panel
  5. Go to google docs app on your pc from your Email panel
  6. Create a document
  7. Call it “Test” for now
  8. Write some text in document
  9. Download google docs app on your Tablet / Ipad
  10. Sign into the same account you use for your Gmail on Tablet / Ipad
  11. Your document named “Test” should be there now on your Tablet / Ipad
  12. On Computer export “Test” as a .PDF file
  13. Save to your Dropbox folder on computer
  14. Go to dropbox on Tablet / Ipad and make “Test” available “Offline”

Setup Adobe Acrobat Reader

  1. Download App for Tablet / Ipad
  2. Open app
  3. locate file
  4. And now it is a readable book format